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Take it to the next level with our exclusive collection of hair care products done with inspiration and innovation. Our wide variety of professional hair care will help you enhance the beauty of any hair type. From our best sulfate free shampoo to our hair mask made with an exclusive blend of botanicals and the latest technologies; our professional hair product collection is perfectly suited for all your hair concerns. When in need of a cocooning session, use our hair oil and hair serum to repair and restore dry or damaged hair. It will also help you achieve visibly stronger and healthier hair and give it the hair volume it craves. When in need of a hair colour fix, choose our permanent hair color and use one of our shampoo for coloured hair. It will give a lasting and durable hue to your new hair colour. All our hair products are salon-quality and are fit for any hair type, from curly to colour treated, leaving your hair feeling clean and healthy.


Rangkaian perawatan rambut Biolage adalah perpaduan sempurna antara teknologi pintar dengan alam yang menggunakan bahan – bahan alami untuk menciptakan formula yang lembut dan berkualitas yang mampu menjawab segala permasalahan rambut yang kerap dialami para wanita. Kenali jenis rambut dan kulit kepala anda dengan baik, maka Biolage akan siap untuk memberikan perawatan yang optimal dari segala jenis rambut anda agar tetap terjaga kesehatannya.

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